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Nice work, Lois.  Below is a clearer image.

On the left you will see the “Lakes of Sligo” bar and on the right you will see a house and apartment building on Godwin Terrace.  This is the base of Marble Hill and that appears to be an outcropping of Inwood (or Kingsbridge) Marble on the left.  The photo was taken in 1949 so the Marble Hill housing projects were not yet constructed.  Assuming these ladies were in their 70s, they saw many changes in the neighborhood in their lifespan including the disappearance of Spuyten Duyvil Creek and Tibbetts Brook.  It is not surprise to me that the KHS was founded in 1949 given the changes that the this generation witnessed in the area.  That outcropping of marble would not be around much longer either.  The foundation for the grocery store on the corner of 228th and Broadway cut deep into the Marble:

The above photos along with about a dozen others from the neighborhood will be available for members to view in the “Members Area” shortly.