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Thomas Casey

Dear Alan,   Charles Buck only took photo’s of  prominent buildings and mansions.  I am sure the 1909 image on the postcard is it.  The wedding was in 1914 and there was not that many houses with that footprint. McKelvey died in 1947 and I am sure his estate sold the last house “Bonnie Brae” before that.  The other projects, Rosa Bonheur, 1924,Villa Brontë, 1926, Villa Victoria in 1926 In 1933, Mr. McKelvey lost Villa Victoria in foreclosure, and the Rosa Bonheur co-op failed in 1941. John McKelvey said that his father “made a lot of money, and he lost a lot of money — almost everything in the building of the Villa Victoria — but he was able to regroup, and he always took it day by day.”    From 1933-1941 it was probably developed.   The Houses that are near  “Bonnie Brae”  are substantial but built in the 1940 – 1970’s