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Peter Ostrander

Interesting especially the NY Times article showing Teddy Roosevelt and other prominent people actually attended the play, new to me. I read the two excerpts from Dr Tieck’s books and see examples of history and oral history.  On one hand the play was performed by Native Americans from a US Government reservation in Fieldston.  The quote by Pat Coleman , the oral history excerpt , we are assuming is referring to the same event.  It’s not clear that it does but I think when Tieck was writing that section on Filedston he used the research he had, history and oral history and its good he did. Too bad he didn’t have access to the internet that we all use today to find things that were unimaginable to find not that long ago.   Pat Coleman, the postman ,who lived and worked the Kingsbridge/Riverdale area  in the 2nd half of the 19th C was a good source of oral history of the area. His ‘ reservation’  and the Iroquois natives from a US Government ‘reservation’ who put on the play are likely the same ‘reservation’ reference.  The fact that the American buffalo herds exist today out west  after dying  off were saved by the herds from the Bronx Zoo  once kept  for a short time on the Van Cortlandt Parade ground  is another little know fact that makes me believe anything is possible.  Perhaps  we will find that indeed a small, temporary Native Indian ‘Reservation’ was once kept in our area much like the American buffalo.