Reply To: 1 Riverdale Avenue

Alan Lasky

I don’t know anything about the history of 1 Riverdale Ave, but I love its appearance in these two pics.

The view is foreshortened. There is what looks like a newly constructed berm in front of it, but is actually a fair distance in front, and I believe is the best picture of the fate of the King’s Bridge. I believe the King’s Bridge is under that berm, which is Kingsbridge Avenue to the right and Marble Hill Avenue to the left.

The bridge where the photographer is standing is the former Spuyten Duyvil Creek bridge. There is no bridge there today, just a spot on Broadway just south of 230th St.[Plaque%20on%20iron%20railing%20marking%20site%20of%20original%20Kingsbridge]-2F3XC5893DG4.html