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Peter Ostrander

marble Hill w BB Field 1916

This photo was taken in 1916 showing a baseball field where today is the Marble Hill apt house on the SW corner of 230th and Broadway where today the Kings Bridge historical plaque was reinstalled by the KHS in 1955. You can see the old Godwin Mansion at the left with the copula. To the right you can see the small steel bridge under the IRT train tracks  that originally contained the KB plaque. Notice the old  trains running across the tracks. This bridge allowed access from the Godwin Mansion to the Godwin Island and further south.  If you’re ever in the area look at the steel columns that hold up the train tracks.  There is a large gap between two of the columns. It indicates the location of the long lost Godwin Island  that was spanned by the IRT trains when built back in 1905. We don’t know who won the BB game.