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Peter Ostrander

Alan – as they say in football ” upon further review of the judges”  you are correct the large mansion in your photo is the Fairchid Mansion while the Claflin Mansion is slightly further back and to the right.  I had always assumed it was the Claflin mansion. In Dr Tieck’s books there are a few photo that identify it as the Claflin mansion as we know now is incorrect.  Having grow up across the street from the Claflin Mansion/OLA Rectory I never gave it a thought.

I had no idea or heard of the Fairchild Mansion. Interesting it was only on the next block (Sedgwick Ave) from the  Claflin Mansion on Webb Ave. The Fairchild Mansion looks to have been were the later John Peter Tetard Junior HS was later built, today the school has a new name.

I had to look up who is  Samuel W. Fairchild. He was born in Stratford Ct  in 1853 and died on Nov. 13, 1927, at his home, 3001 Sedgwick Avenue, Kingsbridge, at the age of 75. He was a former president of the Union League Club, and at his death, vice president and a director of Fairchild Brothers & Foster, 70 Laight Street. Long an outstanding figure in the manufacture of chemicals, Mr. Fairchild founded the firm of Fairchild Brothers in 1879.

The Claflin Mansion was the summer home of Horace B. Claflin a Dry Goods Merchant who was for a time the riches person in the United States in the 1870’s.  His mansion over looked the Jerome Park Racetrack. It was also the 2nd  Claflin Mansion as the first located a block south at 197th St and Claflin Ave burned down.

Great photo find Alan. Keep them coming.