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You have a real gift for finding photos, Alan.

I cannot believe you found a photo of Warner’s Store.  I have been looking for one for YEARS.  That store was the center of the neighborhood of Mosholu.  The owner, Matthias Warner, also ran the post office and I’ve seen his name as a witness to legal documents of the Van Cortlandt family.  One thing I wonder is if this is the same Warner family that lived in North Riverdale during the Revolution and served in the local militia.  I imagine it is although I have never made a genealogical connection.

The below painting of the Van Cortlandt House in the 1840s hangs in the gift shop of the Van Cortlandt House Museum.  I have always been curious about the buildings in the background.  On the far left there is a columned building that would be somewhere just west of Broadway, perhaps on the Albany Post Road.  It seems to have the same general shape and neo-classical look as the Warner’s Store photo but it looks like it is farther north.

On the right of the house are the barns that are on the southern end of the parade grounds.  Between the barns and the mansion are some buildings that were out on the parade ground.  I remember reading that there was a farmhouse among them and it would not surprise me if the “sheep barn bridge” is out there as you suggest.

As for the tracks on Broadway, I somehow missed the electric lines overhead–good catch.