Reply To: Bell Tower WWI Memorial


Thanks for sharing the interesting booklet, Nick. There was a very similar one for the WWI vets of the Rockaway peninsula, which I uncovered while researching my book, Images of America: Rockaway Beach. Many families had multiple brothers serving. As to the flagpole, I recall a similar issue with the one at the vets memorial near the last stop on the 4 train (across from Woodlawn Cemetery). The flags can be had for free, and fire departments will raise them for you. Restoration of the pole (and moving it from DOT to Parks property) is surely more difficult. Another interesting thing I discovered on the Parks website is that the bell in the tower was cast in 1762 and was captured during the Mexican war by Gen. Winfield Scott. It was at two prior NYC sites (and a bit north of the circle) before landing there in 1936.