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Great information, Peter.  Thanks for sharing.

The painting really shows exactly what Jean Knowles was describing in the article with the neighborhood’s “narrow dirt roads and green fields.”  Amazing to think this was only 100 years ago–a drop in the bucket of history.

I have been doing some research on the colonial history of Kingsbridge Heights.  Just before the Revolution General Richard Montgomery had his farm on the spot depicted in the Livingston painting.  But I was curious who was the previous owner of the land.  I have not been able to find any deeds related to Montgomery’s purchase nor have I found any deeds related to its sale after General Montgomery was killed in Quebec in 1775.  On his deathbed, Montgomery left the estate to his sister Lady Ranelagh of Ireland.  I found it strange that he did not leave the property to his wife–Janet Livingston.  (As a sidenote, I never really associated our area with the Livingstons but given that it was home to Janet Livingston, Charlotte Livingston, not to mention Livingston Ave, maybe I should rethink that).

After the Revolution most of the Montgomery farm ended up in the hands of Jacob Cole.  It was the Cole family that had the family burial ground on Albany Crescent.

When we are done with Covid-19, I want to visit Princeton University, which holds the Edward Livingston papers.  That collection contains a “survey and estimate of Richard Montgomery’s farm, Kingsbridge” that I have never seen.  It could have some interesting info about the fort and environs.