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A few more tidbits >

When the subject of the transfer of graves came up, a docent at the Van Cortlandt House indicated by a shake of his head that there was no re-interment.
A good while ago, I inquired about this via email to Woodlawn and did not get a response but I wasn’t very persistent. You may have better luck.

In a letter to the New York Times (1962), the writer criticized the Parks Dept. for not caring for the Vault area. Charlotte Van Cortlandt responded (10/2/1962) that after Parks took over the area, the Van Cortlandts remained sole caretakers of the Vault. Charlotte lamented that much effort to keep the area clean and green too quickly became trampled on. Here’s the link which I just tried but could not access.
Charlotte died 2/14/1972 and perhaps she was the last one to accept a caretaker’s role?

Would you continue to care for the area if ancestors were no longer there?
Perhaps some but not all were re-interred at Woodlawn?

Not to say for sure that there weren’t graves moved and not marked but looking at the dates on the present stones in Woodlawn, the first is that of Charlotte Amelia Bayley, wife of Augustus Van Cortlandt and Daughter of Robert Henry Bunch 1826-1890.

Of interest to some is that the first Charlotte Amelia Bayley (1759 – 1805) was buried at the Vault. She was the step-mother of American Saint Elizabeth Bayley Seton, founder of the Sisters of Charity. Charlotte and Elizabeth’s father had separated. Charlotte was the sister of Catherine Amelia Barclay Van Cortlandt who was the second wife of Augustus Van Cortlandt (1728-1833) – which explains the Bayley vaults.