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That is very interesting about Charlotte Van Cortlandt taking care of the Vault Hill burial ground.  I could not get the link to work though.

Van Cortlandt Park has had big problems protecting historic sites in the park from vandals.  Last year the Grand Central Stones were nicely cleaned off and restored by NYC Parks.  Just recently they were tagged again with graffiti.  A Parks worker painted over it with black paint, which only makes the process of removing the graffiti more difficult.  It is the same situation up on Vault Hill.  I am not really sure what the solution is.  You rarely see Parks Enforcement in Van Cortlandt and I have no idea if there are any patrols at night.

It is funny that you should mention Vault Hill’s connection to the Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first saint born in America.  I just recently learned that fact myself from Patrick Raftery’s book.  However, I think NYC Parks recently removed the monument to her step-mother from Vault Hill.  With the death of Charlotte, I guess there are no Van Cortlandts around to complain about this sort of thing.