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Alan Lasky

The brickwork around the culverts is very similar to that in several photos of the new aqueduct, around the time of the construction of the Jerome Park Reservoir.

The barrels are obviously temporary, making me think that the street over the water may have been extended after the time of the photo. This would be backed up by the brickwork, which looks like it is ready to be extended, as in this photo.
The brick conduits for the reservoir's water supply [New Croton Aqueduct?] during the construction of Jerome Park, Bronx, N.Y., undated [c. 1905-1906].

I’m also struck by the height of the trees to the left, and the fact it appears they may be downhill from the water. Although I had initially assumed this was somewhere along Tibbetts Brook, those two features make me lean more towards an entirely created watercourse, connected to the reservoir.