Home of the Kingsbridge Historical Society

formerly Edgehill Church of Spuyten Duyvil
2570 Indepedence Ave, Bronx, NY 10463

Edgehill Church of Spuyten Duyvil was built in 1888-1889 as a Presbyterian chapel to minister to the industrialists and laborers that worked at the local iron foundries on the Spuyten Duyvil Creek.  It was landmarked in 1980 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.  It was designed by Francis Kimball in a mix of architectural styles and boasts four Tiffany Studios windows.

The building fronts on lower Independence Ave.

There is a 6-8 foot stone retaining wall in the front yard that forms the northern boundary of the property.

The back of the property fronts on upper Independence Ave.  There is no parking on the curb adjacent to the property but there is parking across the street adjacent to lower Henry Hudson Park.

Back yard area.

Side yard between the building and the high retaining wall.

Front door to vestibule.

Heavy iron hardware on the main doors to the sanctuary in the vestibule.

View of the sanctuary from the back of the room.

Tiffany Studios windows.  The good shepherd.

The sower.

Side view of sanctuary on a sunny morning.

View of the pulpit.

View from the pulpit.

Nook to the side of the pulpit.

View of the sanctuary from the nook to the side of the pulpit.

The organ.

Door to the “undercroft” or basement.

The basement was designed as a social room in the 1950s but is mainly used for storage now.

There is a little kitchen area with a bar.

Within a one block radius there is Henry Hudson Park and Half Moon Overlook Park with dramatic views over the Hudson.