Reply To: Bell Tower WWI Memorial


And here is a little more information related to the monument and flagpole.  It was funded by donations:

I regret that the KHS didn’t have an event at the 100th anniversary of the WWI armistice.  Many local people served in the war (as the long list of names on the memorial bears out).  Plus, there was the training camp in Van Cortlandt Park that is a fascinating story with great photos.  Some photos and stories of the soldiers honored at the memorial can be found here:

When the soldiers came home, they were warmly welcomed by the community (thanks to John Fischer for the below documents):

Here is a link to the booklet that was printed for the Welcome Home ceremony.  It gives names and photos of servicemen:

It is also worth noting that soldiers were treated at Seton Hospital, where Seton Park and the Whitehall building are today (June 1921 Riverdale News):