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        150 years ago, our neighborhood broke off from Yonkers and became an independent town.  However, that independent status did not last long–only one year–before becoming part of NYC.  According to the Yonkers Statesman the “freeholders” or large landowners got together at the Mosholu Hall on October 31, 1872 to decide what to call the new independent town, which included modern day Kingsbridge, Riverdale, and Spuyten Duyvil.  The votes were tallied and these were the results:

        Kingsbridge (23 votes)

        Fieldston (12 votes)

        South Yonkers (4 votes)

        Interesting that “Riverdale” was not suggested for the town’s name but “Fieldston” was.

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          This was interesting to read. Where was Mosholu Hall? I wonder why they did not want to remain in Yonkers but then affiliated with NYC.

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          Thomas Casey

            It was not a matter of the people of Riverdale not wanting to be a part of Yonkers.  When Yonkers was incorporated, it was decided to exclude the Irish Catholics in the southern district.

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            Peter Ostrander

              Tom is correct. Look at The city line today, it stops right at the Catholic college of Mount Saint Vincent.

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              Peter Ostrander

                Mosholu Hall I believe was in the area today of 242street and Broadway. This general area  was know as Mosholu, a village or hamlet of old Kingsbridge.

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