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      I randomly stumbled across this drawing the other day and was immediately intrigued:

      It is described as “View of Spuyten Duyvil/Inwood – Hudson and Harlem River – The De Rahm nursery” and it was sold at an auction in NYC.  The artist is Robert Bakewell and it is dated 1833.

      I am wondering when that description was written.  It would seem that it was written decades after 1833 as the term “Inwood” was not thought to be in use until 1847 at the earliest.  Also wondering about the houses and what the “De Rahm nursery” might have been.  Either way, it is a nice drawing from a period when not much was produced depicting our area.

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      Peter Ostrander

      Interesting find never seen it before.  The quality of the landscape drawing is well done and typical of the period. The foreground is a good rendition of Inwood.  The house on the Spuyten Duyvil hill not too sure.  I looks sort of like the Berrian house (later Berrian-Johnson house) with the porches and chimneys and number of floors. But it differs in the proportions as it looks too tall and an extra (middle)  window in the gable end.  Also the angle drawn on the hill looks be more SW facing rather than more southerly of the Berrian   But the location would be about right.  Perhaps the artist was better at landscape drawing than rendering architectural buildings.  The De Rahm nursery new to me.  But it might have been short live owners. Needs more research but good find.


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