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      I have been making a map of the greater Kingsbridge area during the revolution. It is still in the testing stage and I have only just begun to load data into it. But this is a link to my working draft if you are interested:


      With so many different maps of the area from that time period, why make another? I noticed that most of the maps that were drawn at the time of the revolution were usually limited by geographic range (they might depict some parts of the neighborhood but not represent another). For example, many of the earlier maps around Kingsbridge do not even extend to the Van Cortlandt House (such as this one). Other maps pay scant attention to geographic accuracy as they were only intended to depict troop positions and movements. Some maps included structures while others did not. My idea was to cull the data from all available maps from the revolution to make one that has it all. This year I will be regularly uploading content to the map so check back to see more history and features.

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