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        A friend just recently let me know about this recently completed painting by Don Troiani depicting the Stockbridge Indian Massacre (The image is hosted on Tumblr):

        It depicts a battle or skirmish that took place in today’s Van Cortlandt Park (along Van Cortlandt Park East) on August 31, 1778.  It has been called many different names: The Battle of Kingsbridge, The Battle of Indian Field, The Battle of Cortlandt’s Ridge, The Stockbridge Indian Massacre, etc.  Lately, some have begun referring to the “battle” at something distinct from the “massacre” that followed.  There are several writeups of the event online and they are all a little different.

        In the painting you can see the cavalry of the Queens rangers on the right and one cavalryman of the British Legion on the left.  The Stockbridge Indians are in the center.  Their attire seems to be based on a drawing by a Hessian witness to the carnage, Capt. Johann Ewald:

        I am thinking that the house in the background is the home of Daniel DeVoe, which would have been on the north side of the road to Mile Square (now known as Van Cortlandt Park East) although I am not 100% sure of the orientation of the painting.


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          very interesting. Thanks for posting.

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          Nick would agree the view is north west. It looks like the Van Cortlandt or Riverdale Ridge in the distance. Perhaps even part of the Palisades at top right which all would have all been very clear at that period. Don Troiani does some excellent historic painting. A modern day John Wards Dunsmore. He does detail research before he starts a painting. He also collects original uniform, swords  and articles to use for accuracy in his paintings like Dunsmore. I once contacted him back in 1980s to try get him interested in painting the fort.  He lived at that time up in Connecticut and was interested in coming down to view  Fort #2.  Not sure if he ever did.

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