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      A Slice of life in the neighborhood 150 years ago today….

      From the March 9, 1871 issue of the Yonkers Statesmen:


      DISGRACEFUL PROCEEDINGS – On Wednesday night of last week the rooms of the Kingsbridge Debating Society were entered by some parties, who apparently had been imbibing rather freely of Kingsbridge whiskey.  Neither could they have been strangers, for no person, unless perfectly familiar with the location of the rooms, and where the key was kept, could enter.  Not satisfied with enjoying the fire which they lighted, and which was burning at 4 o’clock the following afternoon without replenishing, they destroyed considerable property of the society, breaking the kerosene lamps, &c.  As the club was not organized for the conveniences of lodgers, the members are determined that the affair shall not pass by unheeded.  They have an idea of who the rascals are.

      BURGLARY. – The grocery of Measrs. Cheevers and Claire was entered by burglars on Wednesday night.  After drinking all the ale they wanted, and helping themselves to taobacco, they decamped

      BARBEROUS AFFAIR – Kingsbridge is well supplied with barbers, another shop being opened, looking neat and clean, and may be known by the new sign which we noticed–shaving.

      STRIKE – The laborers on the Spuyten Duyvil and Port Morris Railroad have again struck for an increase of wages.  It was found necessary on Monday to send a police force to Spuyten Duyvil and Mott Haven to protect the men who were willing to work at old prices from violence.

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