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        Hi all,

        New to the forum here. I’m researching my Spuyten Duyvil neighborhood, which was part of an early development called “Along-the-Hudson Park.” I’ve come across a 1909 map of this development on the Geographicus website. The original map has been sold, but the dealer is selling hi-res downloads of the map for $50. I’m wondering if anyone knows where I might find the map to either download or examine for less. I’ve tried NYPL and MCNY collections. Just trying to explore all avenues, so to speak, before I shell out the money.  Here’s the website:

        None of the maps I’ve found so far have mentioned this “Along-the-Hudson” development, so if anyone can point me to other sources of any kind,  I’d be very grateful. And of course I’m willing to share what I’ve collected so far, which isn’t much. I’m a novice at this, so learning as I go along.

        Many thanks,


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          I have a down loaded version of that map, and the current president of the Along the Hudson Homeowners Association is my best friend here in Spuyten Duyvil. I paid the $50 dollars because I needed the map for my street co-naming project for John J McKelvey Sr/ Villa Rosa Bonheur. But before I downloaded it, I just made a copy from what was available online. It might not have been HR but it did the job just to look at. I also have a copy of the Edgehill Terrace Company map, which I “bought” from MCNY.

          I’m not sure what your using this for, but feel free to contact me at

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