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      I just added a new “Maps” page to the website.  I could spend hours looking at the maps that I put up there so I hope others get a kick out of it.  I hadn’t seen the 1879 maps that I put up there and found those particularly interesting.

      I will be continually updating the map that I’ve been making of colonial Kingsbridge:

      I wish I had an electronic copy of a few maps to add to the page: 1) The “Van Dunks” map from 1667 showing the Harlem River.  This is featured on p. 9 of William Tieck’s Riverdale Kingsbridge Spuyten Duyvil; 2) the “Fordham village” map on p. 12 of the same book, and 3) the 1684 survey map of the Manor of Fordham printed on page 13.  The copies in Tieck’s book are pretty bad so I don’t want to scan those but they are some of the most historically interesting maps of the area.

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