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      10/18/1776 – Chaplain Andrew Hunter of NJ Brigade of the Continental Army, which was encamped in Kingsbridge, receives marching orders and writes about the Battle of Pell’s Point:

      In the Morning we were connected to Ld. [Lord] Stirling’s Brigade—about 12 O’Clock we were ordered to march to Mile Square, in Phillip’s Mannor—we march’d about 2 o’Clock and came to the Place of our Destination about 7 in the Evening, where we encamped—The Field Officers and Chaplain of our Regt. procured a House to lodge in—The people in this part of Country are extremely different from those of any Part I have been in. The Landlady who stood by the Table at Supper, after I had asked a Blessing, said, that’s clever, I like to see Men behave so civily—This Day our people waylaid the Enemy and gave them a severe Drubbing, 1000 said to be killed.

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      Peter Ostrander

      Interesting quote especially the mention of 1000 killed at Battle of Pells Point which is always debated. Was the quote from a diary if not can you share where you found it? Nice find.

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      It is from a diary but it is transcribed online here:


      One interesting thing is that the writer refers to “Congress Bridge” as a destination. The only bridges out of Manhattan would have been the King’s Bridge and Dyckman’s Bridge. It would seem logical that the patriots would have renamed the King’s Bridge to something like “Congress Bridge.” Oddly though, the writer refers to both King’s Bridge and Congress Bridge, as if they are two different bridges.

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