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    Thomas Casey

    Paul Revere made 5 trips to Phil. PA ( 5 coming and 5 returning to Boston) He departs Boston 5/14/1774 with documents regarding the Port Act, Broadsides , General Gage’s letter, and “Intolerable Acts”. Revere met post rider John Ludlow from NYC in Providence RI. Revere returns to Boston from Phil. Pa 5/28/1774. His invoice for expenses lists David Wood of Kings Bridge for a horse and lodging. The trip was listed as 234 miles and what appears to be 3 pence per mile. I wonder if there is any other details of Paul Revere’s trips over the Kings Bridge. Remember, he went along the old Kings Bridge road Bussing Ave to Barnes Ave to Gun Hill Road and across East Van Corlandt Ave. to Sedgewick and down Kingsbridge Terrace and Albany Cresent to the Bridge.

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    Thomas Casey

    Kingsbridge 1874


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    Thomas Casey

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="594"]Paul Revere Invoice Paul Revere Invoice[/caption]

    This image comes from the book 1909 – The Life of Colonel Paul Revere, Volume 1
    By Elbridge Henry Goss

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    I think you’ve probably found all of Revere’s rides through the neighborhood.  I found this article with a reference to David Hackett Fischer’s book about Revere.  I am not sure if you checked that book out already.

    I read that Paul Revere was stationed at Ft. William Henry upstate during the French and Indian War.  I am not sure if his unit ever had to pass through New York then.  Could he have travelled on business trips to New York after the war?

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