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      KHS Forums Guidelines:

      In order to foster a community that is civil and productive, the leadership of the Kingsbridge Historical Society has laid out the following guidelines for discourse on its forums and other online resources.

      1. The society is an apolitical organization. We welcome people of all different persuasions. Please refrain from discussing contemporary politics on the forums. We are all here to further our knowledge of local history in a civil setting, not engage in controversial debate (at least not relating to modern politics).

      2. While the forums are not a place to argue about politics, civil debates/discussions surrounding local history on the appropriate thread are allowed and encouraged. However, it is important to use facts and sources to back up any claims or counterclaims made. Speculation, theories, and local stories/legends are perfectly acceptable, but should be designated as such (i.e. not presented as historical fact).

      3. Civility is essential in any attempt at collective scholarship. We at the society love history and certainly understand passion surrounding historical matters. Enthusiasm is greatly appreciated, and healthy debates help us all to learn and grow in our knowledge. However, it is important to maintain appropriate standards of behavior in this online setting. Please refrain from using offensive or obscene language, personally attacking others, or otherwise behaving in an inappropriate manner. A good rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it over the internet.

      Thank you for reading our guidelines, and happy forum posting!

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