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      The lectures that Don Rice gives in the LOST INWOOD series are very well researched and full of amazing images.  I recommend checking these out:

      – Two Webinars This Week –

      Dyckman Oval, NYC’s legendary and nearly forgotten Pro Sports Stadium.
      Tuesday, Oct 27th   1pm – 2:30pm ($10)

      -Don’t miss Don Rice’s newly researched talk about the Dyckman Oval stadium, Inwood/North Manhattan’s historic sports venue. Before pro sports were integrated, the Oval was home to professional African-American and Latin-American baseball teams. Over 30 hall of famers stepped up to the plate at the ballpark. It’s also where Fritz Pollard’s Brown Bombers pro football team played for three seasons during the NFL’s ban on black athletes in the 1930s. It’s an amazing story that has largely faded from history. Play ball!



      The Graveyards, Burials, and Skeletons of Northern Manhattan.
      Friday, Oct 30   1pm – 2:30pm ($10)

      -Our Halloween talk about the burial sites and ancient human remains in north Manhattan that were unearthed early in the 1900s when roads and subways were built. Discover the locations of Lenape, Dutch, African, and Revolutionary War burials in the neighborhood. What was their story, and what happened to the remains? We’ll see suitably ghoulish photos that were published in newspapers and journals of the day. Presented by Don Rice. Proceeds from this talk support the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum.


      Be well, and see you online-
      Don Rice

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      Don Rice

      The Kingsbridge Athletics play an important role in the origin of the Dyckman Oval. So it’s not just an Inwood story!

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      Don Rice

      1917 Cuban Stars Kingsbridge Athletics Dyckman OvalI was asked if the Kingsbridge Athletics played against black teams and there’s evidence that the answer is yes. Alex Pomepez’s Cuban Stars played the Athletics in May 1917, soon after the first grandstand was built there. Pompez’s team played and lost in the 1935 Negro National League championship series, and then won it all in 1947. Here’s the ad for the d1917 game.

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      That was an incredible presentation.  You collected a mind-boggling amount of information and incredible photos.

      So, even though the Major Leagues were not integrated, you could still pay to watch games where players of different races played each other–I never knew that.  It was also fascinating to learn about the Hall of Famers that played there–really a very impressive list of players.

      I am looking forward to Friday’s presentation.

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      Thomas Casey

      Wow !  Absolutely, the best baseball presentation I have ever seen.  I missed opening day with Don,  but got to see it on replay today.  Cant wait for the DVD and PBS special…..Ken Burns can not light a candle to Don Rice.

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