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      Riverdale’s American Legion Post 1525 is considering a new memorial to recognize veterans from our community and has asked the KHS for help in identifying names of local veterans (other than WWI vets, who already are recognized in the Bell Tower Monument).

      Given the large number of names on the WWI memorial, I imagine the list of vets from WWII would be extremely long.

      I am wondering, does anyone know of any resources that might be helpful in identifying the names of veterans from our area that served in the military?

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      I would be willing to help with disseminating this effort on social media, and local newspapers.

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      Thomas Rinaldi

      My father Peter Rinaldi and my uncle Joseph Rinaldi both lived at 3263 Johnson avenue and served in WWII. I will send info to whoever wants it if the project moves forward.

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      My father, Victor Tekirian, was born in Washington Heights and was a Pearl Harbor survivor.

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      I wonder if there is some searchable database out there that could produce a list of enlistments from our area.  While it is always fascinating to hear family stories, I think if the project relied on people coming forward with information about their veteran ancestors, a lot of names would probably be left out.  But I don’t know if such a database exists.

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        There’s always the National Archives electronic database, which would get you part of the way there.

        The World War II Army Enlistment Records File and Access to Archival Databases | National Archives

        NARA – AAD – List of Series – Wars/ International Relations: World War II (

        But this is only a partial list for the Army, I believe, not the other branches of the military.  And the database can be searched by county (Bronx) but in the pre-zip code era, not by neighborhood.  So you would get a LOT of hits that might not necessarily be from the Riverdale area.  Still, maybe a National Archives expert could give some better advice as to how to better use their system to get what you want.


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      The National Archives were not on my radar so thank you.  I imagine that the numbers of local men that served in WWII will be very high when compared with the number of names for WWI veterans.  This makes me think of this memorable blurb from the 8/9/1951 issue of the Riverdale Press.  It is from an article about the opening of the Marble Hill housing project.

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