Villa Rosa Bonheur

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      A friend and I would like to create a Wikipedia page specifically about Villa Rosa Bonheur. If anyone has any resources, tips, or leads as to basic, historical research, I would appreciate if you could share this with us. Because I have a day job, I would appreciate digital documents the most, but given the fact that it was constructed about a century ago, this may not be possible. The McKelvey family moved up to Chappaqua and beyond, but I’m going to try to contact them. I want this to be an objective page, and I’d like to cover conception to present day. If anyone has a copy of William Tieck’s book or materials relationship  to Edgehill Church, there may be mentions, since McKelvey was a founding member of the church.


      Thanks in advance. I think this page would be a great asset to the historical memory of our area

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