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Peter Ostrander

If ” a Picture is worth a Thousand words”  so what is  a 1/2 hour documentary movie  worth’?  A lot more.

There was a 1/2 hour documentary made about the Fuhrman’s Dept store entitled ” The Store Next Door”. It was filmed in the late 70s or early 1980s and released 1984.  It was shown on PBS a few times.  It really captures the essences of the Fuhrman’s Dept store.  My grandmother and mother loved the store ,as a child I didn’t.  This film captures the store and a time that has long passed.   I had made a copy back in the mid’80s on the then latest technology, a VCR.  I showed it at the KHS annual Christmas Party at Ehrings Tavern another great but long gone business in Kingsbridge.  As you will see there is a scene where Mrs Fuhrman is fitting a bra for a rather young and attractive woman.  I thought  the Rev Tieck and the other elders members would fall off their chair.  But all in all they all enjoyed this frozen in time documentary of their beloved store.  This 2nd Fuhrman’s Dept store  sadly closed in 1990.  Before the store closed I met with one of the  original sons, Will and his son David about the store.  David was good enough to donate to the KHS photos, and early documents of Incorporation and building plans,  detail building materials for the building on 231st.  If you have never seen this movie before – Enjoy.  If its been a few years give it another look.

Coincidentally the time period it was filmed was Easter time.  Only drawback is the quality could be better but still very much worth the  spent  for this view in the past.

Click on the link below.  If it does not work cut and past into your browser.