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      Happy New Year everyone.  We have put up a new gallery in the “members area” of the website featuring local postcards from the archives.  Many of these postcards were photographed and produced around the turn of the 20th century by Charles Buck, a local pharmacist.  Also including this photo of his shop:

      According to William Tieck, this shop was located in a building called Parsons Hall on Broadway south of W. 233rd St.  Other than that, it is hard to find much information on Mr. Buck.  I would love to know the story behind the alligators.  On right-hand window bank of the pharmacy you can see a large sign for Arnold’s Bromo Celery or “ABC,” which was advertised as a:

      “Splendid curative agent for Nervous or Sick Headache, Brain Exhaustion, Sleeplessness, special or general Neuralgia; also for Rheumatism, Gout Kidney Disorders, Acid Dyspepsia, Anaemia.  Antidote for Alcoholic and other excesses.  Price, 10, 25, and 50 cents.  Effervescent.”

      Sounds like just what I need for my “brain exhaustion!”  In a previous post Tom Casey posted a list of all of the known Charles Buck postcards, which you can find here.  You can still find them pretty readily on eBay.

      As a side note – Be on the lookout for an announcement for a virtual KHS meeting this winter.  We were hoping we could get back to our regular in-person meetings by now but who know when that will work.

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      Thomas Casey

      Just found what appears to be our guy…Charles Herman Buck draft registration card, listing his occupation as an Inspector…I think with the United States Signal Corps    Note:  Photo & Camera Supplies !Charles H. Buck Draft Card

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