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        I was always intrigued with the placement of the New York Public Library next to the Church.  I am sure many always thought it was always part of the Church of the Mediator.  Postcard view from Charles Buck of Kingsbridge cir 1905

        See details at  HDC


        NY Public Library

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        New York Public Library next to the Church at a later date.Kingsbridge Public Library

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        A postcard view of the Church

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        An other view of the Library

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          Love the photos of the little library. My children went to Spuyten Duyvil Infantry, a nursery school that was in the building, founded by Emma Friedman and some other parents before becoming a city-affiliated pre-K.

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          Does anyone know of the current status of the Church? I had read that its congregation was very small and repair costs very big, and there was talk of selling it to a developer. Not a good prospect for the future of such a beautiful building.

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