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      The Stanley Kubrick Appreciation Society justed tweeted out in interesting tidbit about the film “Cry Terror!”




      I checked out the film to see if there was any other cool neighborhood footage.


      Kappock Street is key to the plot of the movie as that is where the “bad guys” are holding a child for ransom money.  The protagonist is racing up the West Side highway to pay them off before it is too late.  She is shown below crossing the Henry Hudson Bridge:

      In keeping with the script, the scene below should occur in Riverdale by Kappock Street but I can’t recognize the location.  I suppose it could have been filmed elsewhere.  Does this look familiar to anyone?:

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      Thomas Casey

      It appears the movie is available on line for free, but it takes a little work to set up.

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      The market does not look familiar at all, is there any more context before or after? Really, it could have been filmed anywhere. I’ll have to try to get a copy of that movie. The online options look a little sketchy to me.

      Here is the house in the background, 629 Kappock St, from 1940 tax photos

      And here’s a 1940 aerial view of the whole area. The original has all sorts of fun spots, but here I cropped it, but wanted to include a bit of Puddler’s Row, and also 2640 Arlington Ave.

      To see the full original, go here.

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