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      Hi All,

      I’m wondering if anyone has good sources describing (visually!) the creation of the Deegan Expressway.  It seems that because of the Putnam Railroad, there wasn’t the same level of neighborhood destruction the way other neighborhoods in New York City experienced – but that some buildings on Bailey Ave were destroyed. The only photographs I could find were pre-construction from the Museum of the City of New York which require payment (see an example here

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      Looking South from 234th St. (1946)

      This is the quality of the screenshot from MCNY, looking south from 234th St in 1946

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      It’s odd that I have not come across any photos of the actual Thruway construction.  I would not be surprised if there are photos in the New York State Archives (which has some digitized here) or the State Library but I haven’t found anything from our area yet.  The State Archives do have a couple of very optimistic films about the Thruway.  This one asks the viewers to imagine how much time they will save with the benefit of the Cross Bronx Expressway!
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      In the “Members Area” tab of this website you will see our collection of digitized photos.  We have one folder there that might be of interest:  “Albany Crescent and areas Affected by Major Deegan.”

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