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      I have just finished uploading some photographs to the Members Area of the website.  Log in to the website to view them.

      Among the uploaded images are more scenes of the area around Bailey Ave before the construction of the Major Deegan Expressway (in the folder labeled “Kingsbridge: Albany Crescent and Areas Affected by Major Deegan Construction 1949-1953“).  Plus there are several new ones of the corner of 234th Street and Broadway in the 1950s (Kingsbridge: Broadway in the 1950s).  All of those photos come from an album of photos taken by William Tourin that he donated to the society.  It is pretty great to see them as that baby-boom period brought many physical changes to the neighborhood.

      A couple of special photos that I was very excited to see and upload were from the “Ghost Town” of old Spuyten Duyvil.  The east side of Spuyten Duyvil Hill was once home to many buildings that have long since been torn down.  Below is a clipping from a 1901 map showing the buildings and streets such as Pierce Street, Spuyten Duyvil Road, Kingsbridge Road and Ewen Ave, which no longer exist (compare to the modern view below).

      Those photos can be found in the folder “Spuyten Duyvil: Old Village of Spuyten Duyvil” along with a newspaper article that explains that one of the photos depicts Peter Tarantino’s barber shop.  I quickly Googled Peter Tarantino and found him listed as a member of the local Iron Workers Union (no doubt employed in the Johnson Foundry).  I also found a reference to his business card, which reads, “Peter Tarantino, dealer in gents furnishing goods, notions, cigars and tobacco, Spuyten Duyvil, New York City.”

      One photo that I was not able to label or date is the one below.  I would appreciate if any of our photo sleuths could help me out here with a possible location.  I thought there might be a clue in the stone wall on the right.  Enjoy the photos!


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