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      This image appeared on the cover of the December 1935 Riverdale News with the subtitle “Merry Christmas.”  No explanation was given of the photo.  The buildings do not look familiar.  Can someone explain what is depicted?

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      Thomas Casey

      <p style=”text-align: right;”>I think it looks like the start of construction for an over pass for the Henry Hudson Parkway which would radically change and impact the Riverdale community during construction and years to come.  I guess it was a response to Robert Moses gift to Riverdale, starting around the Christmas Season</p>
      <p style=”text-align: right;”>F</p>

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      Peter Ostrander

      I agree. It looks like photo is looking north from Kappock Street  toward today’s Henry Hudson Parkway.

      Believe its the  bridge and ramp over Kappock St. coming off the Henry Hudson Bridge.

      The bridge was opened 1936 so a 1935 date of photo would fit.  In the  bible Moses parted the Red Sea.  Here Robert Moses parted Spuyten Duyvil & Riverdale forever.

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      I’m pretty sure this is the construction of the Kappock St overpass/underpass.

      Here is a 1937 pic looking the other way. Note the two chimneys on the roof. This would be the house on the left in 1935 mystery pic.

      This would be the house on the right, also seen from the opposite direction in 1937.

      Here’s a 1940 aerial, showing the Berrian Farmhouse at the far right. This is not a familiar angle on this well photographed house, but almost matches the mystery photo. Edgehill Church is near the center for reference. Villa Charlotte Bronte is at center top.


      This 1940 aerial also shows reason to think it lines up with the mystery photo. All three buildings are in this photo, but the angle spreads them out quite a bit compared to the mystery photo.
      Berrian Farmhouse at far left. Henry Hudson Monument at right.

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      Thomas Casey

      Dear Alan,

      Thank you for posting these wonderful images of Riverdale/Spuyten Duyvil.  They really show what life was like just a short time ago in the NW Bronx.

      Tom Casey

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