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      While digging around for information on the Ewen Estate Auction, I found an interesting ad from the April 9, 1922 New York Herald. It touts a proposed Netherland Avenue subway, which apparently was to traverse the Henry Hudson Bridge. I wonder why this proposal was never adopted. I love the Father Knickerbocker graphic here.

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      Thomas Casey

      Harriet Hayden inherited the property from her father, from the Honorable James R. Whiting. James Raynor Whiting (April 30, 1803 – March 16, 1872) Lawyer and Politician. 1872 Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx NY Mr. Whiting owned the property since 1836. ( per will summary 1922 ). On May 4, 1922 it was reported in the New York Tribune that the first lot offered for sale, a curved lot was purchased by Mrs. C. Andrews for $1,000 located on Spuyten Duyvil Parkway and Fairfield Ave. Probably near the Ewen Estate which was located on the block bounded by W. 231st Street, Spuyten Duyvil Parkway Fairfield Ave and W. 232st Street.

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      Peter Ostrander

      I would guess this was an idea proposed by the real estate developer which would increase the value of land and lot in Riverdale. Some of the earlier plans for the Henry Hudson Memorial Bridge did have the bridge East of its present location. That is East of the Inwood Ridge keeping it lower but crossing over to where the Major Deegan highway is today. This was proposed to keep Inwood natural forest and the Riverdale Ridge free of a major highway.
      But the builder Robert Moses did care that the HH Pkwy would cut right through the Inwood ridge and divide Riverdale much like the other Moses who parted the Red sea Robert Moses forced the Bridge and HH Pkwy and parted the communities. More detail information on the building of the HH Bridge can be found in Robert Caro’s excellent book the Power Broker.

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      I know that the people who lived in my building (see the relevant post in the houses of Spuyten Duyvil section) despised the bridge. From what I recall, it seems that most locals did. Odd considering that it would presumably boost property values. Do any of y’all know more about local opposition/support for the HH brdige?

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