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      Greetings members and visitors.

      I often fantasize about living in a historic moment and it looks like I got my wish–although I would certainly trade this one for boring everyday life!

      I have a new batch of images up in the Members Area of the website.  Rather than sort them geographically, to make them easy to find I put them in a folder called Newly Added Images from the KHS Archives 4/3/20.  You will need to log in to view.

      There are some interesting ones in there.  I was intrigued by this one and I would appreciate members help identifying the buildings.  It was taken from Spuyten Duyvil Railroad Station in 1957.  There is a building almost at track level and a brick building higher up on the hill that are mysterious to me.

      The brick building near the tracks is one I’ve seen before.  You can see it in the center of this one (to the left of the smokestack of the wrecked tugboat):

      I have also seen it in a painting I have on my wall.  Apparently it was yellow:

      Another photo that I uploaded is not much to look at but interesting to me anyway.  It depicts the home of Isaac Dyckman on the southern part of Marble Hill–not to be confused with the Dyckman house that still stands in Inwood.  Here is part of it:

      What I find interesting about it is where it was located.  It was once located on a verdant tree-covered hill.  But when the ship canal was cut through, it was on the edge of a cliff overlooking the canal.  You can see it in the below panorama on the right hand side just west of Broadway.  That’s the original Broadway Bridge there with the Johnson Foundry in the distance.

      I had not posted new images to the “Members Area” for a while so I might do another batch soon to liven things up.  Anyway, please let me know if you have any ideas about the buildings in the first photo.

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