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        We have uploaded a batch of 34 of images to the Digital Archive that is accessible to members.  They are from a collection of photographs depicting downtown Kingsbridge between 1949-1951 taken by William Tourin.  They depict a period of great change in the landscape with the construction of the Marble Hill Houses looming in the distance in many of the photos.  Perhaps no other construction project changed the look of Kingsbridge as much as this development.  The collection also depicts victorian era buildings, the Putnam Railway, old Broadway, and a golf driving range in the heart of downtown Kingsbridge.

        This photo, taken from the collection, juxtaposes a push cart and dirt road with the concrete and steel of the rising apartment building.  The view is from Exterior Street looking toward Broadway and West 230th Street in the distance.

        A contemporary view below from Google Street View:

        To view the collection, sign up as a member here.  More batches of photos will be uploaded to the digital archive periodically.

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