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        I stumbled across this online photo archive:

        There are just a TON of great old photos that I had never seen before hosted in this archive.  I’ve queried ‘spuyten,’ ‘kingsbridge,’ ‘242nd street,’ ‘marble hill,’ and found some amazing stuff.  I’ll put a few in separate replies to this topic or new topics:

        230th and Broadway
        230th and Broadway

        This is a shot of the worst intersection in present-day Kingsbridge, 230th and Broadway, but it looks like a ghost town in this shot from 1916.  The beautiful old house is the Godwin Mansion, present site of Dunkin’ Donuts.  According to local lore, the mansion incorporated parts of “Cock’s Tavern,” from revolutionary times.  The huge vacant lot in the foreground is the current site of the Marble Hill Houses.  I love seeing the ramshackle buildings in these old photos such as the one on the far right under the train tracks.

        This photo reveals just much the elevation of the streets were raised.  The mansion seems to be lower than the road and the vacant lot is a good 10 feet lower.

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