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      While leafing through a booklet produced by the “Kingsbridge Social Club” in 1913, I found this photo.  The quality is not great but thought it was interesting anyway.

      Check out that hearse!  The pennant above reads “Kingsbridge Stables.”

      The building still stands at 128 W. 225th Street and is now “Iglesia Agua de Vida” or the Water of Life Church:


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      I had often heard that this type of business had been here in my neighborhood, but this is the first time that I see proof of it.  Thanks for sharing the picture.  I also found a picture of that same building housing a parking garage at a later time.  I’m not sure if I can share links here, but if you’d like to see it let me know,

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      Great pic! I’d guess the building was brand new at that point.

      I see some references to a 1914 property transfer from  Anna A. Schumacher to  Graycie M. Schumacher, and they seemed to service and sell automobiles as Schumacher Garage until at least 1925, when it changed ownership. “Active Holding Company, Inc” purchased it in Dec 1925, but it seems to have still been a garage in 1940.
      1940s Tax Photo of 168 W 225th

      In this Oct 1914 photo, you can see 168 W225th in the distance with no buildings nearby. Clearly that did not last very long.
      Some other things to note in this 1914 photo, Puddler’s Row at the far left, the column of the Hudson Monument with no statue on top, 2640 Arlington Ave straight up from 168, (built in 1899, still there, and due to the shape, mansard roof, and angle, easy to spot in old photos), The Edgehill Inn faintly visible through the trees, and likely the Ewen house, near where Riverdale Ave can be seen climbing the hill to the right.
      View of Kingsbridge / Marble Hill and the Harlem River around 225th Street from Webb College [i.e. Webb's Academy and Home for Shipbuilders], Bronx, October 22, 1914.
      Close up showing where 168 W 225th is in 1914 photo
      Close up

      Sept. 1916 view from Spuyten Duyvil Hill, with what looks like “W.J. Schumacher” painted on the back of the building. Note the brand new Kingsbridge Armory in the center distance, and the north wing of the Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum at the right. I’d be curious as to the history of the Schumacher family. Who were the brothers? Where were they in 1875? Who are Anna & Graycie, and who is W. J.?
      Unidentified express train on track along the Harlem River, New York City, Labor Day, September 4, 1916.

      In this Jul. 1939 view, the lettering from the 1916 view appears to still be visible. (I’m not sure what the stone milestone indicates, it does not appear to be one of the Albany Post Rd mile markers.)

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      Some of these pictures are really clear!

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      Peter Ostrander

      Alan – thanks as always for these great photos.  I enlarge one,  below, with a closer view to show the top of the Armory at the top right  (dark triangle)  built 1912-17 and the Schumacher building at left.  Thanks again  Peter

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