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      I received a question from a new member today concerning the below photos, which I were taken around 1949.  But where were they taken (as in the cross streets)?

      Photo 1:

      Photo 2:

      Photo 3:

      Photo 4:

      You can clearly see that these photos predate the Major Deegan construction.  I want to say that photo 4 is the Albany Crescent area and that the buildings on the right were probably knocked down for the thruway.  I am not sure though and would appreciate any information.

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      Okay, I’ll start with what I think is the obvious in hopes that it gets things going and people showing me wrong.  Seems to me the first three photos all show the (presuming Kingsbridge) train station with northbound and southbound platforms, which would make things pretty easy to identify.  Might the towering shadow above the apartments in the first photo be the gas works plant?

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      Peter Ostrander

      I believe all 4 photos are taken from the 231st station location, that is east of Broadway and just west of Albany Crescent down to where the old Putnam rails are still located.  The Major Deegan today is to the East of these Putnam rail tracks,. This area may some day,  maybe even in our life time, be the location for the  day lighted Tibbetts Brook.

      Looking South #1 looking SE and  #2 looking south West.  Looking North are #3 and # 4,  #3 looking NW and #4 looking NE.  The south bound stair case was still there in the 1960s,  for the old Putnam  south bound station. It was boarded off but easy to climb over. It was a safe place you could  drink beer before you turned 18.

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      Pictures of Kingsbridge Station

      I recently picked up “The Putnam Division: New York Central’s Bygone Route through Westchester County” by Daniel R. Gallo and Frederick A. Kramer published by Bells & Whistles 1989.  Not much attention paid to our area other than the transition from urban to rural at VCP station.  Some other points of interest.

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      Peter Ostrander

      I have to assume there are other pictures on the page of the book as the description doesn’t match what is shown.  The bottom photo is definitely 231st st as you can see the curve of Albany Crescent and the apartment house at upper right. Or as you said they may not have paid attention or weren’t familiar with the area.  Good photos  in any case.

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      Yes, I cut out the bottom photo!

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      Thomas Casey

      Clearly the photo 4 Building with 2 windows, matches with the Building in the Book with Engine 1234

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      Yes, that’s it, thanks.  The large brick building on the right in photo #4 and in the train engine photo must be the old Tynan’s hardware/Robert’s Bookshop building on W. 231st that was torn down to clear way for the thruway.  It was on the east side of the tracks where the Deegan is today.  It is shown in the photo below on the left, which was taken in 1951.

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