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      I came across a review of the Riverdale Diner in the April 20, 1978 issue of “The Ram,” the Fordham University newspaper.  Unfortunately, it is partly cut off but you get the idea.  A place you can eat “without risking death by the sword or fork”–quite an endorsement!

      Among Thor Wickstrom’s fabulous paintings of our area is one of the diner:

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      Jim Dwyer, the author of the article, went on to have a very successful and award-winning journalism career, and wrote a number of books.  He used to write the “About New York” column for the New York Times, which was really wonderful.  Sadly, he died about two years ago.  Nice artifact from his college newspaper writing days.

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      Great find, but your description of Jim hardly does him justice. He was a great reporter and one of our finest writers. His Times obit included this: “In prose that might have leapt from best-selling novels, Mr. Dwyer portrayed the last minutes of thousands who perished in the collapse of the World Trade Center’s twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001; detailed the terrors of innocent Black youths pulled over and shot by racial-profiling state troopers on the New Jersey Turnpike; and told of the coronavirus besieging a New York City hospital.” You can read his Pulitzer-winners here:   https://www.pulitzer.org/winners/jim-dwyer And he was one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

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