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      I would not be surprised if 3113 Kingsbridge Avenue met the wrecking ball in the near term.  It just sold with a 2.85 million asking price, which only really makes sense if you are looking to put up an apartment building on the property.  It is the house below in the middle.  (That’s Jeffrey Dinowitz’s office on the left):

      Here is a nice view of the place in 1909, when it was the home of Frank D. Wilsey, who sat on the NYC Board of Ed.:

      Here’s the view from the intersection of W. 231st St. and Kingsbridge Ave back in June of 1916 during a parade.  It is the 2nd house from the left:

      The old Lutheran Church on Bailey Avenue appears to be coming down soon.  Photos sent to us today from a neighborhood resident:

      The Lutheran Church also owned these three row houses next door (3130, 3132, and 3134 Bailey Ave) which are slated for demolition.

      From the Riverdale Press, 1957:

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      Peter Ostrander

      This comment is regarding the children marching in the photo above.  The date is Friday June 9 1916.  Notice the flag the children are carrying in the first row across the bottom.  Its the flag of the Bronx . The lead in to a small  NY Times article of June 10, 1916  states “A holiday was declared in all factories and schools in the Bronx yesterday for the fifth annual celebration of Bronx Day. The day was observed with pageants and parades by schools and other public institutions.”

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      Thomas Casey

      This building 3122 - 3134 Bailey Aveappears to be the current plans for the site

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      Thanks for that info, Peter and Tom.  I found a couple more photos of Bailey Ave from that area around the Lutheran Church (from dcmny.org).  This one is looking north on Bailey from Albany Crescent 106 years ago.  You can see the intersection with W. 231st in the middle.

      This is looking south from Albany Crescent and Bailey:

      One thing I liked about living on Bailey Ave was the few old Victorian houses still left on Bailey near W. 231st Street.  There’s this one at the intersection with W. 231st:

      Pretty much across the street from that one is this one, which was converted into a Greek Orthodox Church.

      And this row house is pretty well hidden between two large apartment buildings near Bailey and W. 233rd:


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