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        I found this auction brochure on Ebay earlier this year.  I enjoyed getting a good look at the Waldo Hutchins mansion but the map I thought was even more interesting.  It shows “Dash’s Lane” overlaid on the contemporary street map of the area.  Dash’s Lane appears on many of the late 19th century maps of this part of Riverdale but I never could figure out its exact location before.  Waldo Hutchins was a member of congress who represented New York.  His neighbor, Bowie Dash, was a big-time coffee importer.  Their names are honored by present-day Waldo Avenue and Dash Place.cover inside2 map inside1

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        Peter Ostrander

          The Waldo Hutchins mansion fronted on W 238th Street facing south. It was located on what is today’s Manhattan College ‘Overlook’ dorms and bit further west up hill the Irish pub An Beal Bocht.

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          Does anyone know if there are any records regarding the sale of the estate? Perhaps it’s the businessman in me, I would be really interested to see how much it sold for and who bought it. I wonder how real estate prices in the this area compared to Manhattan at the time.

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            I know that the estate was sold in lots but I could not find how much they went for.

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