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      Zach Youngerman

      I recently came across this photo of a tennis club supposedly at Broadway and 240th street. It looks like it’s sitting in the marsh around Tibbetts Brook, but I’m confused as to exactly where this might be/what direction the photo is looking at. Near Gaelic Field?

      Thank you!

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      That’s a good question, Zach.  I am intrigued by the building in the top right corner and the topography in the background.  You wouldn’t happen to have a photo in higher resolution, would you?  Or a link to the original?

      I did find some references to the building in the 2003 Van Cortlandt Cultural Landscape Survey–although, its author is not too sure where this is either.  See below:

      Here’s a closeup of the photo:


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      Zach Youngerman

      Wow, Thanks for such a fast turnaround and great resource. Taking the chimney in your photo with a view toward Broadway, I’d think the photo I have is looking East/South.

      I attached a close-up of the house.

      Unfortunately I labeled all my photos/organized them based on what they showed, rather than their provenance. Ooof! Everything’s from the NY Historical Society, NYPL Digital Collections, or maybe this one is from the Bronx Historical Society.

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      Peter Ostrander

      Very interesting photo and park house/shelter, never seen it before.  The initial photo shows what appears to be Tibbett’s brook flowing East of the house.  The photo showing the rear of the house looks to be taken from a hill south of the house.  So my guess is that when they dug  the storm /sewer drain to drain and hide Tibbetts Brook this house was likely in the way and removed.  What appears to be a hill south of the house where photo was taken was also likely removed or leveled to grade was we know today. Later in the mid-1930’s Robert Moses built the stadium and 36 tennis courts on West side of the new stadium in about the location of the park house (shelter) in question. Again just a possible scenario of events and very interesting photos.



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