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    I think the most incredible thing about these sort of things is the ‘living history’ they encompass.  To think that the Bronx seemed so different than it is now and that there is a tangible connection to Kingsbridge is incredible.  It seems like a lifetime ago, but there are people alive who experienced Kingsbridge in a totally different way than to today.  Just incredible.

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    I think the amazing thing is how the will can circumvent the law in those days.  He can just will someone free.  It would be nice to wield that kind of power today.  Maybe this great individual power is what led the founding fathers to for Congress.

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    nipnichsen…soundslike an indian name but it could be dutch.  Either way, certainly memorable.

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    I find it incredibly fascinating that the Bronx went from a garden oasis to an urban jungle seemingly overnighT.  I think the subway moving north and immigration had a lot to do with it.  Urban sprawl crept in quickly.

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    It’s so remarkable to live in a city where the past and present are connected in such an organic way.  THe past is always moving and never completely gone.

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    Is It Broadway and Kimberley

    I wonder if the Irish were pushed to the outerboroughs because of their religion.  THey didn’t like Catholics too much in Manhattan.  And there are strong Irish enclaves today in the Bronx (Woodlawn Heights) and Queens (Rockaway).

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    Broadway and 230th?

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    I think today COlumbia’s baker field is where the velodrome was.  Or is it the Target?  When did the velodrome come down?  Was it built for an Olympics?  I know NYC has never hosted the olympics, but they must have bid a couple of times.

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    Fun fact estevan bellan was on the Fordham team and was the first late player in mlb


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    The baseball box score is interesting.  Based on the Knickerbocker rules of baseball, back them foul balls and fly balls to the outfield could be recorded as outs if they were caught on a bounce.  This is believe to be because it predates the use of gloves.

    BTW, Joseph Coffin needs to find a better way to pitch.  But another rule was the batter could tell the pitcher where he wanted the pitch.

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