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      Don’t know if this has been posted before, but this book has a lot of pictures on major infrastructure projects in the Bronx circa 1900-1930. It is in the Lehigh University Special Collection (hopefully the link works):

      Construction of Bronx Public Works Photographs, 1893-1935:

      Construction of Bronx Public Works Photographs,… (

      P171                  PS 7

      p 177                Ewen Estate

      pp 203-213     Riverdale Ave ramp & stair streets

      pp 319 – 327    The Kings Bridge

      pp 352 – 355    Mosholu Station in Van Cortlandt Park

      pp 359 – 361    Broadway Bridge

      381 – 399          Broadway sewer line



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      I did recently just come across that book myself and posted some of the photos in this thread:

      It really is a treasure and the fact that it is at Lehigh University makes me think just how good digitization has been for local history.  So many university archives are being digitized and made public and it is amazing where this stuff turns up.


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      Thomas Casey

      Some years ago I bid on a postcard on Ebay of a building that was identified as from the Bronx.   The postcard read –    “Shillsburo,  Kingsbridge NY” .  The bottom of the postcard  was very fuzzy and could not be read.  I used Google Street view and its Ariel view to scan the Bronx, specifically Kingsbridge, and after a few hours found the old house hidden behind a forest of trees.  I was outbid for that postcard that went for over $100 dollars.  But now, with new software I was able to enhance the postcard and read the address written on the card 2447 Kingsbridge Terrace.

      It was sent by Mrs. Max Budweiser where she says ” I live here ”

      A Bronx based movie I have seen a few times – ” The Wanderers “, 1979 with Ken Whal & Karen Allen.  It had a couple of scenes in front of the building.  I remembered the spooky front door and always thought I could ID the building…no luck.  There also is a screen shot of the full building, but it must have few by.

      Today my wife asked me if I ever heard of the Castle in Kingsbridge ? Sharon said the New York Post had a story that the castle just sold for 1.6 Million.  Could it be the mystery building that I called a castle?

      Sure enough it was and Sharon started looking for real estate web pages to view the over 28 rooms in the 5 story, plus basement building.   With those leads in hand, it did not take long to finds links to research and tours.

      Take a look at the YouTube video sales tour –

      Take a look at the New York Post Article today at –

      and look at some research at –

      Real Estate Still & 3D tours – Kingsbridge Terrace




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