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        A KHS member, Edward J. Rogan, was kind enough to share his memories about growing up in Kingsbridge in the early 1960s in his essay, “Errand Go Bragh,” which will be kept on the “Articles” page of the website.  I know that a lot of our members grew up in the area in that time so I am very grateful that he sent it to us.  Enjoy!

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        Dorothy Dewitz

          Very interesting to read, and enjoyed the photos, too. Thanks!

          Dott Dewitz

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            Great article and fond memories…. As a side note I can remember the crowds that would gather for Confession at St. Johns and people would shy away from getting on line for Monsignor Scanlon as he was tough but my friends and myself knew that Fr. Flaratty had a hearing aid in one ear so we would get on the line for his bad ear. I think there were probably 7 Priest hearing confession in those days–changes happen.

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            enjoyed reading the article. brought back many memories. we are of the same “vintage” i grew up on review place near 238th st. i’m curious why you did not mention the “army-navy” store on 231st st. it was a great place to pick up surplus military mess kits, canteens, etc for boy scout camping.

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            It was great reading this article. I lived at 3133 Corlear Avenue, then because of the construction of Corlear Gardens, my family moved up to 3453 Corlear Avenue. My 2 brothers and I attended and graduated from St. John’s. We regularly attended St. John’s Roman Catholic Church. My brother who recently had heart bipass
            Surgery and likes to reminisce about the stores on w. 231st Street. Is there anyone who can shed light on the names of the stores. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My brother continues to need more surgeries. This is how I can make him stay focused.
            We can’t remember the name of the religious bookstore, the children’s clothing store, names of the pharmacies, the jewelry store, the ladies garment store and of course the candy store, next to mcGlynns.

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              This is one of our most widely shared articles as many folks are thinking back to their childhoods in Kingsbridge in the 60s.  Unfortunately, I have not seen any photos in our archives of W. 231st Street in the 60s.  We do have a great one that I think is just a decade or two earlier though.  It is undated and apparently taken from the train platform:

              Maybe someone who really knows cars could give this a date.  Zooming in on the north and south sides of the street:

              Best of luck to your brother.

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