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      In my recent article about Fort No. 2 on Spuyten Duyvil, I wrote that the fort’s foundation and potential artifacts are under threat from imminent development.  The owner and developer of the site, I am told, “have reason to doubt that the property in question is actually Fort No. 2 as [I] suggest, given that the maps shown on [our] website are not of the same scale and alignment.”  While I am hardly surprised that a developer would not want to believe that their construction site is of historical importance, I wanted to demonstrate how I use historical and contemporary maps to reconstruct the past.

      You can check it out here (footnotes are forthcoming):

      Fun fact that came up while researching this: While local historians were digging up artifacts on Spuyten Duyvil in the early 1920s, the artist Alexander Calder was apparently living with his parents in the Edgehill Inn that was built on top of Fort No. 1.  It would be interesting to see if he, or his artist mother, did any landscapes of the area in that time.

      Happy Memorial Day everyone!



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