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      On this day (April 25th) in 1968, the Riverdale Press reported on the efforts of the Riverdale Committee of Intergroup Relations, which sought to help Black families move into the neighborhood.  It was reported that landlords discriminated against Black people that looked to rent here and the committee composed of local residents worked to expose and combat this practice.

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      Thomas Casey

      It is interesting how 50 years later the Riverdale Country School for Boys that hosted the dinner for the Intergroup Relations escaped having the same light shine on them.  Even back then, the Riverdale Country School for Boys could virtue single.  50 years later Black boys make up less than 3 % of the school population while at the same time the Black population is over 10 times that percent.

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      It is undeniable that the politics of today is a continuation and evolution of the politics of the past.  Like you, I also thought of the article in terms of what is happening today.  I do, however, want to remind everyone of our forum guidelines that you can find here.  Those rules have not been violated–but it would be easy to see how contemporary politics could become the subject of heated debate here given the subject matter.  That is something I was trying to keep off of the forum.   Hence our first rule:

      1. The society is an apolitical organization. We welcome people of all different persuasions. Please refrain from discussing contemporary politics on the forums. We are all here to further our knowledge of local history in a civil setting, not engage in controversial debate (at least not relating to modern politics).

      If anyone wants to discuss the forum policies, you can do that by commenting on the thread containing the guidelines.


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